Exote materials can be used in Industrial and Defence Applications

Industrial Applications

• Abrasion parts in grinders, crushers, and mixers
• Abrasion parts in valves and seals
• Abrasion resistant slides
• Friction pads and surface
• Chemically long-lasting jets for oil, metal etc. industry (melted metal, power plant fuel)
• Corrosion resistant components in
       o paper-mills chemical industry
       o power-plants
       o cutters, tilling machines, etc.
• Wire drawing and rolling machines
• Electric components as contact points, circuit breakers, electrodes, rails, etc
• Grinding powder
• Sand-blasting jets, etc
• Seals for fast axels

Military & Security Applications

• SAPI plates for bullet-resistant vests
• Light-weight armoured shields, blankets, panels
• Land vehicles (military, VIP, value transport, immediate action vehicles)
• Maritime vessels (vital electronic systems, bridge, gun turrets)
• Aerospace vehicles (vital systems, cockpit)
• Operational control centres, field hangars, mobile radar, air and fire control centres
• Infrastructure protection (e.g. doors, walls)
• Safes, vaults, containers
• Add-on armour kits