Wear and impact resistant products for demanding applications

Choose Exote when traditional solutions for materials are not sufficient.

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Products for heavy industry and military applicatios 

We manufacture both the material and the products ourselves which is why we can guarantee the quality of each product. Exote products can be ordered in both standard and customized sizes. 

Wear plates 

Exote wear plates are suitable for applications where wear resistance and/or impact resistance is required. Our wear plates are a cost-effective solution for situations where you want to reduce maintenance downtime, for example. 

Customized products 

In cooperation with the customer, we design high-performance solutions for heavy industry and official use. We can manufacture panels and other consumables according to the customer's needs. It is also possible to customize the mechanical and chemical properties of the Exote material. 

Exote material 

The Exote material is designed for challenging conditions. Exote's characteristic features are e.g. 

Superior service life 
In demanding conditions, the service life of the material can be up to 8 times longer compared to traditional rubber-ceramic alternatives. Compared to wear resistant steel (AR500), the material has up to 10-20 times the service life. It is comparable in performance to traditional tungsten carbide (WC-Co). 

Up to 50% harder 
The Exote material consists of titanium carbide crystals, which are up to 20% harder than tungsten carbides and 50% harder than general wear ceramics. 

Optimum sliding properties 
The low friction coefficient improves the sliding of the material and reduces its adhesion to the surface. 

50-90% smaller carbon footprint 
Exote material does not contain critical raw materials and it is manufactured in Finland from western raw materials. Due to the unique manufacturing method and the raw materials used, the material's carbon footprint is 50-90% smaller than that of tungsten carbide. 

Exote as a company 

Founded in 2003, Exote Oy got its start in the late 1990s. We are involved in numerous national and international research projects, developing and testing components and materials resistant to wear, corrosion, impacts and difficult environmental conditions. 
In the future, our goal is to solve our customers' needs related to wear, durability and protection. At best, our solutions can significantly reduce damage to machines and personnel, which can save our customers up to millions of euros and unnecessary error situations. 

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