Exote as a company
Exote is a Finnish manufacturer that specializes in R&D and production of customized advanced materials for Industrial and Defence Applications. We scale and produce new material technology in order to create wear and impact resistant products without critical raw materials.

Where did it all start? 

Founded in 2003, Exote Oy got its start in the late 1990s. The new material technology developed together with Finnish research communities was acquired into the company's ownership and was initially used in the development and production of a new type of bulletproof material. From the first tests of the material, it was found that it had unique hardness and toughness properties that could be utilized in structures that stop new armor-piercing projectiles. 

We also realized quickly that these new materials would have many other areas of application. Being a small startup, our resources were limited, and the development of the new production method and equipment used in the production of materials did not advance the research unit into a more complete production facility at this stage. 

After years of work, we now have the equipment needed to produce new kinds of wear resistant materials. We are also involved in numerous projects, developing and testing components and materials that are wear, impact and corrosion resistant, and suited for difficult environmental conditions. 

Our materials intended to replace hard metals, special steels and ceramics are generally made from raw materials available in the Western countries. They do not contain rare earth metals or tungsten and cobalt. In addition, their production produces approximately 70% less CO2 emissions than, for example, traditional hard metals. 

In the future, our goal is to solve our customers' problems related to wear and durability and protection in production and on the field. At best, our solutions can significantly reduce damage to machines and people, which can save our customers up to millions of euros and unnecessary errors situations. 

Our mission is to transform the design philosophy of the heavy industry and defense sector

We want to transform the design philosophy of the heavy industry and defense sector by offering novel, green, hard, low wearing and impact resistant material technology solutions in form of raw materials, products and services. 

Three things you must know about Exote  

The carbon footprint of our products is 50-90% smaller 

Sustainability and being environmentally-friendly are the core of who we are. We have developed our material from raw materials that are significantly more environmentally-friendly than the raw materials generally used in the industry. The raw materials availability is more reliable since they are from Western countries. Our production process is carbon neutral. 

Due to these choices, the carbon footprint of our products is on average 50-90% smaller than products made from similar materials. 

As a manufacturer, we take responsibility for the quality 

Exote produces both the material and the procuct itself in Finland, which is why we can guarantee the quality. It is also important for us to understand the origin of the raw materials used which is why all of our raw materials are from Western countries. 

We always make sure that our customers benefit from the product  

When you work with Exote, you can always rely on our word. We want to help our clients achieve long-term benefits with our products. We are ready to share with customer the risk associated with life cycle thinking because we trust the quality of our products and are aware of the benefits they bring.